Vocal Cross-Training Intensive I for Singers, Actors, Dancers in US, CA, UK, Europe, Australia



Author of ONE VOICE: (3rd edition 2022), Singing in Musical Theatre (2007), and Dancing with Voice (2015)

Sing and Speak with the same available range of pitch, volume and color
Use language to say what you mean, get what you want!

Series for US, CA, UK, Europe

Tuesday/Thursday, January 18, 20, 25: 1 - 3 PM EST (US/CA), 6 - 8 PM GMT (UK),
7 - 9 PM CET (Central Europe);

Saturday January 29: 1 - 4 PM EST, 6 - 9 PM GMT, 7 - 10 PM CET

Series for Australia, US, CA

Wednesday/Friday, January 19, 21, 26: 10 - 12 AM AEST, 11 AM - 1 PM AEDT (Australia)

Tuesday/Thursday 7 - 9 PM EST (US/CA)

Sunday January 30: 10 - 1 AEST, 11 - 2 AEDT, Saturday January 29: 7 -10 EST

Session I: Voice-Movement Relationship, Breath Management

Session II: The Vocal Tract, Voice Qualities, and Pitch Range

Session III: Articulation and Phrasing, Singing and Speaking

Session IV: Review, Intro to Extended Voice Use, Q & A

To apply for either series, please write to joan.melton@joanmelton.com, or 1voiceproductions@gmail.com. Classes are designed for performers at any level, and for related specialists who work with performers.

Tuition: $210. Register Here

Dr. Joan Melton is a leading researcher in cross-disciplinary performance techniques and a pioneer in the integration of singing and voice-movement training for actors. She has taught at major centers of drama and music in the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, and is a composer and voice coach for productions in a wide range of media.